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A Big Update!


Hey all. We’ve gotten some messages wondering what’s happened since we haven’t been updating everyone a lot recently, and that’s my bad, dropped the ball on that one. However, I return to you with great news and updates!

The first episode will be coming right to you on August 13th at 11 AM PST!

We’re so excited to have you guys listen in to Suraya and Jorik and our wonderful host of other characters. It will be posted up on Soundcloud and here for your listening pleasure.


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I just kind of want to talk about how each of the Lieutenants are taking the deaths.

So first we got Jensen and you can tell how heart broken she is. How she hangs her head and just falls into Smith’s arms. She looked up to Simmons and the fact she thinks he’s gone just hurts.

Then Smith probably feels the same way about Caboose. He fucking loved Caboose and wanted to protect him and made sure he didn’t get into trouble. But hell he respected him. And instead of probably crying, he just holds Jensen and tries to comfort her in their shared grief.

Palomo looks like he fucked up. Like he seriously thought that he’d see Tucker again because hey, it’s Tucker. He seemed to try to be what Tucker was and after losing a role model, he probably wished that he could have said something that wasn’t completely stupid or ignorant and somehow angering or annoying Tucker.

But the one I really like is Bitters. You can see it in how he just pauses before probably yelling and storming off how the news catches him off guard. In his Wiki it’s said that he mimicked Grif’s laziness and casual behavior, probably meaning, like Palomo, he was trying to be Grif. And Grif told all those stories about the adventures in Blood Gulch and Project Freelancer and thought hey if Grif can do it why can’t I? And then Grif’s dead and now he thinks, “How could he have died after everything he survived?” and probably wants to rethink everything. He’s furious and frustrated and is probably taking it the worst out of all of them.

They all in their own special way wanted to be like each of their captains. But now that their captain’s are gone, they probably think that they will end up like their captains. What’s the use in fighting if those worth fighting for are gone?


FREE SHIT YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Alright kids, here we are at 500 followers on the Redux so that means it’s time to giveaway some stuff! It’s a pretty basic giveaway so I’ll cut right to the chase


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  • Must live in US/Canada (unless you’re willing to pay for your own shipping then by all means GO AHEAD)
  • You do NOT have to be following the blog but it would REAL NICE if you did check out the Redux and gave us a listen!
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Good luck and thanks for watching!




Did you know there’s a prolific male fantasy author who has made several books in which the primary cast is mostly female characters?

Did you know that virtually every female character in his books are well-rounded people with a wide variety of personalities, body types, etc?

Did you know that some of the most badass characters in the series are women?

Did you know that even in the books with male main characters female characters are given respect and are rarely love interests?

Did you know that those that are love interests have their own lives outside of that, are more then matches for the main character,  and in some cases it could be more considered that the main character is THEIR love interest?

Did you know that female warriors in this series wear sensible armour?

Did you know that the one character that ends up naked as a necessity treats it as a drawback and does her best to mitigate the issue without it ever turning into a sexual thing from a writing perspective, including, amazingly enough, the one time she had to fight another naked woman in mud?

Did you know there’s a feminist character who wields femininity as a strength, and not a weakness?

Did you know that the first serious, budgeted attempt to bring it to life in video was based on one of the books with a female protagonist?

Let me tell you about Terry Pratchett’s Discworld.

<rings doorbell>

<wide beaming smile> “Hello ma’am. I’m here to tell you about Terry Pratchettnowaitdon’tclosethedoor - ” <wedges foot between door and wall> “I know what you’re going to say: ‘I don’t like fantasy’, but, ma’am, Discworld books are not like other fantasy! Here you shall find no chosen ones or long dangerous quests! Instead there are detective stories, war narratives, political thrillers, and many other things, and all written in the same wonderfully descriptive and hilarious language - Pratchett truly is a master of British wit! And did you know there’s a strong undercurrent of social criticism as well? It really is a many-layered series. In fact, I have a free sample here, if you’re interested, which of course you are - ouch my foot, almost closed the door there, haha!

So, if you like whodunnits you might start with the Watch series, or if you’re more into steampunk Going Postal might be a good one for you. On the other hand, if you’re really into feminist literature the best books to start with might be the Witches series, although naturally all books are distinctly feminist in - what did you say? Romance? Why yes, not in all books of course - a romantic arc isn’t necessary for a good story, didn’t you know? - but there are quite a few romantic subplots, including the most adorable happily married couple in the history of - What? No, no sex. <cough>although there’s plenty of fanfiction around if you’re into that sort of thing<cough> So I’ll note you down for the entire series then…? What? You’re not interested? But but there is gender equality and brilliant worldbuilding and amazing character evolutions and and puns no don’t close the do- <bangs the closed door> “It passes the Bechdel test!” <wails> “There are crossdressing lesbian vampires!

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