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Let’s Players to watch while ignoring Jontron and PewDiePie






ManlyBadassHero - Plays mostly horror games and rpgmaker games, funny, but fairly quiet, so you can pay attention to the games hes playing

Nonbinary Robot - Trigger friendly lesser-known lets player who likes off fangames and indie pixel games.

Markiplier - Oh good ol markiplier. A horror gamer who uses a webcam. Plays his reactions up quite a bit, but still manages to be funny.

ZoeyProasheck - Cheerful queer lets player who makes fairly happy videos by herself, with friends, and even sometimes with her girlfriend!

Nilesyrocks - I havent seen his videos in awhile, but he makes minecraft and tf2 videos mostly from what i can see. Likes cats.

Cr1TikaL - Never seen his videos but I’ve only heard positive things about him. (Also apparently donates all of the money he makes from youtube, which is pretty cool)

TheRadBrad - Never seen them myself, suggested by a friend.

UberHaxorNova - Suggested by a friend

Achievement Hunter - A roosterteeth side channel. Quite funny, and consists of several people.

YogscastKim - One of the female members of the popular group The Yogscast. (nilesy and zoey are also a part of this) Funny with a very pretty voice.

SlyFoxHound - Havent watched his videos in about a million years, but i remember them being quite funny.

HatFilms - Associated with the yogscast. I havent seen much of them but they’re quite popular.

Feel free to add more!

Cryaotic is like essential in the “chill lets player” genre. Plays  a lot of plot intensive games and actually gives a shit about the story.

LParchives is a compilation of a ton of Let’s Plays by a ton of people from Something Awful, if you wanna see an LP of a certain game you can probably find it there.

VanossGaming - Mostly consists of Gmod (Sandbox, games, mods etc..), GTA shenanigans and a whole lot of Black Ops in the earlier videos. Not a variety of games but super hilarious!

ImmortalHD - This guy plays a variety of games, sometimes hilarious and sometimes super serious. He also has a few LPs with Nova, Goldenblackhawk, Dexter Manning and many more. Plus he’s part of the Creatures as well, +1 point?

GameGrumps- You can ignore the old episodes with JonTron in them because Danny, Arin, Ross, Suzy and Barry are all amazing people who take into account their fans feelings and are very kind and hilarious. Tehy do all sorts of games, even Table Top!

Vinesauce- Vinesauce is a channel for streamers, though this one is mostly run by Vinny, there are other streamers with other channels. The links to them are on the side of the page. They do all sorts of games and other interesting things.

TheRPGMinx- British lesbian gamer who’s very funny and plays all sorts of games. Lots of Gmod and horror.

Krismpro- Minx’s soon-to-be wife, also hilarious and has a cute voice. Plays all sorts of games as well.

Dlive22891- Very funny guy, plays lots of variations of video games but mostly Gmod.

EatmyDiction1- Funny guy, plays all sorts of games, and has a cute cat.

Criken - Teenage LPer who has a good mix of single- and multiplayer games. Single player games are accompanied by funny text commentary, while multiplayer games feature him and his friends being dorks.

darkcityfourthstreet asked:

Shannon please, don't fall into the Zoe drama.


Look, I’m not famous enough to attract negative attention too much for stating my opinions, nor am I famous enough to budge too many people’s views either. But I will say that other men not standing up when bro-dudes are being shitty is part of the problem with so many subcultures I’m part of. It needs to stop.

I don’t know Zoe Quinn, I’ve never played a game she’s made, I don’t  give a shit about what her supposed (total bullshit, btw) private and professional transgressions are. NOTHING could ever justify the amount of harassment she’s enduring.  That an immature person couldn’t handle his fee-fees without turning to the internet and launching this campaign gets me REALLY MAD. This coupled with the Anita Sarkeesian harassment in the SAME GODDAMN WEEK has me even MADDER. Coming hot off the heels of Ferguson, I am just about ready to hand in my straight white guy card.

I don’t, though, because renouncing my privilege doesn’t help anyone. Staying quiet doesn’t help anyone. Sometimes standing up for justice means you have to endure some lack of popularity. I don’t look to stick my nose where is doesn’t belong very often. But this is bigger than ‘drama.’ This is about addressing a subculture that in many quarters is filled with pain and fear and sickness in its heart. Nothing will get better without that being confronted with clear eyes.


Sunuva BEEp! - Episode Two - Super Meat Boy Part 2 

Join Bee as she continues to fail in this rage filled episode. Fun for the whole family!

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In this episode, our radio hosts give out a brand new car! And they encounter a rather… neurotic fan in the process. Suraya and Jorik’s volus boss, Mr. Rak, also makes his (unwelcome) debut. Plus, rising asaripop singer Mirae Gadevus’ hit song (currently Number 1 on Ilium), “Translated Love”, is featured!

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